Functional Ear Trainer v2

Improve your musical ear with this free software tool.

It contains:

  • A complete e-learning course that will teach you how to recognize tones in a major and minor context. This step-by-step method has proven to be very effective!
  • A practice lab with customizable exercises


  • Multi-platform: Windows, Mac (Intel), Linux
  • Multi-lingual: English, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Finnish, Polish, Catalan, Vietnamese, Swedish, Korean, Turkish, and Romanian
  • 2 modes: learning mode, practice mode


This desktop version of Functional Ear Trainer works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers.

No ads. No banners. No spyware. No viruses. Just honest software.


v2-explanationv2-exercises v2-practice


Do you want to practice on your smartphone? Checkout the apps.